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March 9, 2015
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Graham Endures Speed & Time

The new generation of Silverstone chronographs bring unprecedented performance with the Silverstone Endurance 24HR, which proposes a dissociated time measurement of 24 hours race and lap time.


Silverstone RS Endurance sketches 2

Silverstone RS Endurance sketches

All drivers who enter Formula One need to undergo a period of conditioning to the physical demands of the sport: no other race series on earth requires so much of its drivers in terms of stamina and endurance. However, as drivers of Formula 1 are only required to race for 2 hours at maximum, the Graham Silverstone Endurance 24HR is built for exactly what its name is; to endure high speed races of up to 24 hours. This beauty will not feel a thing if strapped around the wrist of a Formula 1 racer.


Functionality is improved with usage. The main measurement of lap time is operated by a start/stop/reset chronograph button which activates the minutes and seconds counting, identifiable with the red rubber catch. The number of lap times that can be measured is limitless as it functions in an independent manner.


A second measurement is operated thanks to a secondary chronograph with 24HR counter and flyback, activated with the 24HR red pusher. This double function is the perfect fast-action system, ideal for Endurance racing and dual timekeeping test drives.


Through a play of alluring semi-transparency, the black-smoked dial is enhanced with touches of red to identify the 24 hours counter and striped date disc which recalls race track’s painted white and red kerbing edges and finally the tachymeter scale of the bezel. The black diamond-like coated (DLC) watch bears racing features a ceramic bezel and integrated tyre tread rubber strap with red inset. The seconds counter is automobile brake disc-shaped to ensure dynamic reading of the sweep seconds.