GRAHAM: The Official Timekeeper of GT Asia Series
January 29, 2015
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January 29, 2015

Valiant Troops: Graham Unleashes The Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow

Service number, rank and full name if you do not mind! You are about to integrate the Black Arrow mission. This is the triumphant story of the trendy Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow collection.



Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow





GRAHAM, in its righteous passion for advanced materials and taste in fashion pays tribute to human endeavour and absolute tech innovation.

Dedicated to action and courage, GRAHAM’s Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow watches, present distinctive military style fatigues on a silkscreen printed dial. Each dial is engraved with a unique identification number on the seconds counter, based on regimental numbers. The start and stop lever on the left of the case, the renowned GRAHAM signature, is made of plain carbon material and results from a very specific machining process. This means that the lever is a unique piece of carbon which provides the watch with more stiffness and enhanced usability.


To brave the elements, each watch is endowed with a calculated telemeter scale. It enables to measure distances thanks to the speed of sound by starting the chronograph when a visible event occurs (e.g. lightning, explosion) and stop it when the sound reaches the observer (e.g. thunder, deflagration). As the temperature influences the speed of sound, GRAHAM’s engineers have based their calculations on 25°C, the average temperature on Earth. The distance in kilometres can be measured on the dial thanks to the scale rim (346 m/s).


Toughness and dexterity are the master words of the Chronofighter Oversize Black Arrow. Enhanced with a black ceramic bezel, it ensures an undeniable shimmer and self-assurance to this trendy series.



The Chronofighter: Beyond Design


The Chronofighter by GRAHAM is the quintessential stopwatch series. Back in the forties, during the allied bomber raids, pilots needed to know how many seconds flight they were past a certain landmark. High up, very cold, being shot at and of course wearing gloves, they needed a specially designed stopwatch.

The big, generously designed crown lever, a precision mechanical movement, the rugged construction and a big dial were vital elements for a watch designed for such a mission. Pilots are not the only people for whom elapsed time is a critical element. Inspired by and dedicated to pursuits such as diving, racing and exploring, the Chronofighter series is Graham’s answer to split-second timing in extraordinary environments.