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When Sustainability, Teambuilding and fine European craftsmanship meet in Florence: Montblanc “Carpe Diem” Olive Oil

There are very few places that so perfectly evoke fine art, history, artisan skills, and the most exquisite food and wine as Florence, Italy. The city is also home of the Pelletteria Montblanc, where Italian leathers are masterfully crafted into luxury pieces. Montblanc now lends its signature blend of elegant design and fine European craftsmanship to an age-old Tuscan tradition with the creation of “Carpe Diem”, the maison’s first-ever limited edition olive oil.

When Montblanc International CEO Jérôme Lambert walked through the courtyard that leads to Montblanc’s Pelletteria in Florence, he was captivated by the rows of beautiful olive trees he found around the ateliers. He followed the proposal of the Pelletteria team that rather than letting them go unused, the precious olives should be harvested to make exclusive olive oil in the finest Florentine tradition.

The Montblanc Pelletteria team of artisans and designers came together to create Montblanc’s first-ever olive oil, imagining a bottle and label design, as well as participating in the harvest of the olives. The outcome is a 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, made from a first pressing of the fresh olives and using a cold pressed technique to extract only the highest quality oil. Unfiltered, the oil delivers a more intense and elaborate flavour to the palate.

“Because we value the tradition of craftsmanship, it has been a privilege to nurture a Florentine heritage of olive oil making that goes back centuries, encouraging a new generation of artisans to revisit these unique skills,” explains Jérôme Lambert, Montblanc International CEO. “It has also been opportunity for our team to make creative use of a precious resource for others to enjoy.”

Sustainability also plays an important role in the process. Montblanc has committed to planting additional olive trees in close proximity of the existing ones, providing important environmental benefits as well as a positive impact on the community by enhancing the beauty of the surroundings and preserving the traditions of Florentine heritage.